Residential housing is offered on Vanderbilt University’s campus in their newest dormitory, E. Bronson Ingram College Hall. This vibrant residence hall provides state-of-the art living accommodations inside gothic-style architecture. Rooms will be in four-person suites. Suites include single rooms, one restroom (shared between the four people in the suite), a communal living area, a kitchenette with a full-size refrigerator. All rooms are clean, furnished (bed and desk), air conditioned, have access to Wi-Fi. Linens are provided including a fitted sheet, a regular sheet, a thin thermal blanket, a pillow case, a pillow, a face towel, and a regular towel. Additionally, there is a person at the front desk checking IDs at all times to ensure safety.

The cost to stay in the dormitory Is $310. Participants can check-in on Tuesday, July 23 between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM (central time) or on July 24 between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. The cost includes five nights accommodations in the dormitory. Breakfast will be provided for those staying on campus on July 25 and July 26. Additionally, lunch will be provided for those staying on campus July 24 and all participants on July 25 – 28.

All participants must check-out on Sunday, July 28 between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM (central time) or between 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM. Checking in or out at a different time will incur an additional $25 fee for each occurrence.

Upon checking in, each person will be issued a key and access card. There will be a $50 charge for lost keys and $35 for lost or damaged access cards. The participant will be responsible for paying any additional fees at check out.

Rooms will be assigned so the same gender is in each suite. If you would like to stay in a suite with another person(s), please include that on the form. Each person must request the other for you to be assigned to the same suite.

By staying in the dormitory, you agree to abide by all University policies and Tennessee and US laws. You must already be registered for the World Conference before you can reserve an on-campus room. The deadline for booking a room on campus is July 1, 2019.

The address for the dormitory is:
Vanderbilt University
E. Bronson Ingram College Hall
2211 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212

If you have any questions, please contact Tyler Clark at