23rd Biennial World Conference

Nashville Hosts 23rd Biennial World Conference in July 2019

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) will hold its 23rd Biennial World Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The 2019 event will be hosted by the WCGTC Executive Committee.

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  1. Rima Binder

    Would suggest some sessions on the topic of 2E children. Current research and professions that not any accept but need specific characteristics of giftedness and exceptionally.

  2. Anies Al-Hroub

    I strongly support this. I am specialized in 2e, and spend over the past 20 years working and researching on this topic. I conducted studies in England and Jordan, and published numerous research studies in this field.

  3. Dr Susan Nikakis

    Gifted plus! Twice exceptional students are often overlooked in many educational settings. As educators we can do better than this! Gifted plus a physical disability, gifted plus a learning disability and the list continues.

  4. Benna Haas

    2e is a great topic but we also need to consider non-White gifted students who are 2e. All 2e students I know are White males and it would be a great topic to explore those who are African-American, Latinos, or Asians.

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